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Oct 30
Learn to West Coast Swing
Berkshire South Regional Community Centerr
Nov 03
East Coast Swing II
Berkshire Yoga, Dance & Fitness
Nov 05
Sunday Tea Dance
Berkshire South Regional Community Center
Nov 25
Semi - formal Ball
Berkshire Hills Country Club
Nov 27
Learn to Viennese Waltz
Berkshire South Regional Community Center


The Mission of the Berkshire County Chapter of USA Dance, Inc. is to promote the growth and opportunities of ballroom dancing as both a lifetime recreational activity and as a sport. We serve as the leader and focal point of ballroom dancing in the Berkshire County community and strive to educate the public regarding the physical, mental and social benefits of ballroom dancing.

Why Dancing?

Ballroom dancing is fun and is a great teacher. Some of the more obvious goals include developing relationships necessary in close teamwork, acquiring a new and personal discipline of practice and focus, setting and achieving individual goals to a plan of action(s) focused on those goals, an appreciation and understanding of music through the message of music's many and ever-changing rhythms and expressions which bring the dancer a new fluidity in movement, poise and balance. Above all, dancing rewards every dancer as they progress to enjoy a different and exciting level of self-confidence in their learned abilities to engage with others in providing an exciting and wanting experience in an enviroment conducive to making one very happy.